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Electrical Safety Check

Safeguard Your Property, With An Electrical Safety Check
Electrical Safety Checks

Maintain peace of mind with our Electrical Safety Check. Protect your property and the people that live there from electrical hazards, while staying compliant.

What Our Electrical Safety Check Service Includes


  • Evaluate wiring systems for damage and wear.
  • Check outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures.
  • Examine circuit breakers and fuses.
  • Inspect grounding systems.


  • Perform RCD (Residual Current Device) testing.
  • Conduct earth continuity testing.
  • Test smoke detectors.
  • Check for proper earthing and bonding.

Report and Compliance

  • Generate a detailed safety report.
  • Highlight any non-compliance issues.
  • Provide recommendations for necessary repairs or improvements.
  • Ensure compliance with electrical safety regulations.

Regulatory Agency
We Work With

Energy Safe

Energy Safe Victoria

Energy Safe Victoria is a government agency ensuring electrical and gas safety in Victoria. They lead in regulatory oversight and safety.

Switchboards Faq

Electrical Safety Check  – FAQ

What is the purpose of an RCD check in electrical safety inspections?

An RCD check ensures that residual current devices (RCDs – also known as safety switches) are functioning correctly. RCDs protect against electric shocks by rapidly disconnecting power in the event of a fault, reducing the risk of accidents, electric shocks, and fires during electrical safety inspections.

Why is an earth continuity test important for electrical safety?

An earth continuity test confirms the grounding system’s integrity, ensuring safe dissipation of electrical faults. This test is crucial as it prevents electric shocks, fires, or equipment damage by providing a safe path for stray currents or faults.

How often should rental properties undergo electrical safety checks?

Rental properties are legally required by law in Victoria to undergo electrical safety checks every 2 years. Frequent inspections ensure tenant safety, regulatory compliance, and early detection of hazards, promoting peace of mind for landlords and tenants alike.

How long does an electrical house inspection typically take?

The duration of an electrical house inspection varies based on property size and complexity. A comprehensive inspection can take several hours, but it ensures the identification and resolution of electrical hazards and deficiencies, offering homeowners confidence in system safety and reliability.

Don't compromise on safety or non-compliance, book an Electrical Safety Check now, and protect your property from electrical hazards.