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House Rewiring

Ensure Electrical Safety & Capacity, With Professional House Rewiring
House Rewiring

Increase the safety & expand your property's electrical capacity with house rewiring. Upgrade your home's wiring for a secure and efficient electrical system for your home.

Our Comprehensive Process of House Rewiring

Assessment and Planning:

  • Thorough inspection of the existing electrical system.
  • Identification of safety hazards and rewiring requirements.
  • Detailed project planning, including materials and timeline.

Rewiring Process:

  • Removal of outdated and hazardous wiring.
  • Installation of modern, safe electrical wiring.
  • Replacement of outlets, switches, and fixtures as needed.
  • Compliance with local electrical codes and safety standards.

Safety Enhancement:

  • Implementation of grounding systems.
  • Installation of surge protection devices.
  • Integration of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Electrical panel upgrade for increased capacity and safety.

Quality Brands
We Work With



AWM, part of the MME Group, offers specialized electrical services, known for their innovation and excellence in the industry.



Clipsal, a renowned electrical solutions provider, leads the industry with a history of innovation and a commitment to quality.

Don't wait for electrical hazards to strike, secure your properties safety with our professional house rewiring service now.